What do consumers say

  • “Have saved my gums. I use it every day “Jannie
  • “It’s really good for my gums, had gingivitis, but it was gone after using Fenucure as well as I had less toothstone said my dentist”, Maibrith
  • “I had incipient paranosis, but after using this toothpaste, I am completely symptomatic”, Susanne
  • “We’ve tried it and got quite excited about it… My husband has perientose and after using the toothpaste he gets great praise of the dentist “, Alice
  • “Tried it when I was extra exposed to teeth and gums because of medication, and even my dentist was surprised at the result and it has come to be”, Carsten
  • “I have begun paranosis and fight a lot with ice cubes in the teeth. It is Fenucure a great help to scars limit “Pernille
  • “I have only used Fenucure for 4 days and ARE so impressed – my oral hygiene has never been better and there is a completely different ‘ ro ‘ in my teeth/mouth”, Bolette
  • “Super Good toothpaste. Is really good for my gums and has a nice gentle taste “, Nina
  • “Good toothpaste! Good for gums! Fat when you recommend it that they come back and say ‘ keep up it is good ‘ ‘, Lone
  •  “I’ve begun paranosis, and fenucure is really good at helping with it, so I can clearly recommend trying the toothpaste if you haven’t tried it before”, Simone
  •  “Now we use it all 3 in the family, we are confident that it prevents gingivitis. It is also completely clean and free from hazardous substances, according to the hazardous Chemistry test, from the Consumer Council “, Hanne
  •  “I have incipient paranosis, but after using this toothpaste I hope to completely become symptom-free”, Birgit
  •  “I have not had gum problems, but know more that have been ‘ rescued ‘ by this unique toothpaste. I am totally dependent on it-think primarily that is because it is without all sorts of poisonous additives, it tastes good and prevents ice cubes and toothstones-documented by my dental brother who can see that I hardly form the toothstone anymore “, Trine
  •  “Have not had blisters after I start using Fenucure”, Kirsten
  •  “Zero blisters and zero ice cubes-it’s crazy, actually. And then the toothpaste is not filled with every bad thing. Pure win-win! “, Pia

What do dentists say

The Colosseum clinic Nørreport

“Fenucure is part of our treatment plan and we recommend it to anyone with gum problems”, 

Himmelev Tandlægehus

“Fenucure produces good results in reduced bleeding and reduction of tooth stones. Fenucure is mild against delicate mucous membranes, dry mouth and blisters and we recommend Fenucure to all “,