What do consumers say:

“Have saved my gums. I use it every day “Jannie

“It’s really good for my gums, had gingivitis, but it was gone after using DentaCure as well as I had less toothstone said my dentist”, Maibrith

“I had incipient paranosis, but after using this toothpaste, I am completely symptomatic”, Susanne

“We’ve tried it and got quite excited about it… My husband has perientose and after using the toothpaste he gets great praise of the dentist “, Alice

“Tried it when I was extra exposed to teeth and gums because of medication, and even my dentist was surprised at the result and it has come to be”, Carsten

“I am here starting paranosis and fighting a lot with ice cubes in the teeth. It is DentaCure a great help to limit “, Pernelle

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What do dentists say:

Colosseum Clinic Nørreport:

“DentaCure is part of our treatment plan and we recommend it to anyone with gum problems” 

Himmelev Dental House:

“DentaCure produces good results in reduced bleeding and reduction of tooth stones. DentaCure is mild against delicate mucous membranes, dry mouth and blisters and we recommend DentaCure to all ”  

Info about DentaCure “in the Natural Way”

DentaCure contains a naturally active extract of fenugreek seeds, which through millennia has been known for its healing effect and is used as a natural remedy for inflammation. The fenugreek seeds have been documented anti-inflammatory and fight the harmful bacteria that can cause gum problems. Fenugreek grows in North Africa, the Middle East and Southeastern Europe.

Consumer Council Think’s KemiLup, 2019 has awarded DentaCure’s best rating, Kolbe A; “Without unwanted chemistry, without endocrine disruptors and without environmentally harmful substances”.

DentaCure summarized

  • Natural ingredient-Fenugreek seeds
  • Free from undesirable chemistry: phatalates, chlorhexidine, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide, microplastics, PFOS/PFAS
  • Free of SLS
  • “A-Kolbe, Tænk’s (Danish Consumer Counsil), Mouthwash, 2022
  • Medical Device Class 1
  • Clinically tested for effect
  • Recommended by dentists
  • Contains recommended amount of fluoride
  • Daily use for treatment and prevention

Effective and natural against bleeding gums and gingivitis

Oral hygiene is essential to your overall well-being. Bacteria and inflammation of the gums spread to the rest of the body and can cause illness and weakened immune system.

Bleeding gums are very common and important to get treatment. It can be an early stage of gingivitis, which can develop into periodontal disease. DentaCure contains extracts of fenugreek seeds, which are known to be anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.


NEW: DENTACURE GEL: DentaCure Gel is an effective an natural Gel against bleeding gums, gum inflammation and Blister (After). DentCure Gel contains a natural active extract from Fenugreek seeds, which for centuries has been known for its healing effect. Fenugreek seeds is documented anti-inflammatory and effective against gumproblems and irritated mucous membranes, which can lead to blisters (After). The Gel also contains Hyaluronic acid, which is a substance already found in the human body e.g. in the oral area, eyes and skin.  Hyaluronic acid promotes the healing and soothing by forming a barrier, which prevents bacterias, virus to have access to wounds. DentaCure Gel attaches well on the gum/troubled area, has a mild taste and promotes and effective help against bleeding gums, guminflammation and blisters (after).

DENTACURE TOOTHPASTE: DentaCure is an effective and natural toothpaste against bleeding gums and gingivitis. DentaCure contains a naturally active extract of fenugreek seeds that has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years. The fenugreek seeds are proven to be anti-inflammatory and fight the harmful bacteria that can cause gum problems. Daily brushing with DentaCure toothpaste is an effective way to prevent bleeding gums and inflammation of the gums.

DENTACURE DENTAL FLOSS: Designed to slide easily between the teeth while releasing fenugreek extract and fluoride to prevent gum problems and caries. Is gentle on the gums.


mundskyl NL

DENTACURE MOUTHWASH: DentaCure mouthwash with fluoride and the natural anti-inflammatory extract of fenugreek seeds, help reduce gum problems and prevent inflammation of the gums. Cleans and ensures a healthy and fresh mouth. Shake before use to distribute the active ingredients.



Clinically documented

DentaCure was tested in 2017 by Professor Marie Paulis, New Haven University. The test showed that DentaCure has an effective effect on bleeding gums and gingivitis. 

Graph Left (Gingival Bleeding): Reduction of bleeding gums is much greater with the use of DentaCure toothpaste (blue graph) compared to a placebo toothpaste (white graph) 

Graph to the right (Gingival Inflammation): Inflammation of the gums is reduced by using DentaCure toothpaste (blue graph) compared to a placebo toothpaste (white graph)